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Friday, 28 November 2014

okay so i have a bit of catching up to do with what ive been doing on placement! kinda cos i havent had a day off properly in like three weeks!
but at lily vintage we've been doing more reworked items, and its beed back on focus with silk shirts, not to mention i've still been making shawls, probably about 30 in the last three weeks! I dont think I want to look at wool blend fabric for a while after this winter! Although abakhan you have been handy for all the lovely fabrics we've been supplied with!
i also bought some pretty fabrics the other week with the hope of making something actually for myself!
So eventually i have, i made some time just to have a go at making something different that isnt made from wool! haha, so i had a go at making a velvet bralet! This is just a mock up its not fully finished, (still got pins in) so wouldn't be best to wear it right now! Hopefully i'll get a chance to finish it soo though!

Shawls are popular!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Shawls have been really popular, we've been working on them to see what sells best and it seems the ones that are more like wraps seem to be doing well! so they're not like kimonos anymore, and we're sticking to the woolen ones.
I'm loving the new fabrics we're getting in especially the green check and tartan, they're perfect for the festive season!
I made 8 the other day ready for the week, and this week we're trying new ideas using sheer fabrics in crop tops and dresses, which is always good to use new fabrics i'm loving the practise!

Alexander Wang x H&M

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Is this, or is this not one of the most delicious collections of highstreet collabs you have ever seen?!
Scrap Summer and its colour and pattern I say! It's most definitely winter clothes time and that means nothing better than wrapping up in black, grey and white!
Especially when they're this aesthetically pleasing to your eyeballs.
I mean just look at the wool blend biker, and the quilted leather jacket, i want them both in my wardrobe now... just a shame I don't have a spare £200. Boohoooo! 
There's not just clothing either, theres plenty of accessories to go around. From Shoes, bags and even water bottles!
From the high street brand that's already teamed up with many incredible designers already from Jimmy Choo to and Matthew Williamson. It's now the turn of  Alexander Wang to take the lead with one of my fave high street brands (H&M) to bring us lucky (or not so lucky people if you're as skint as I am) this wonderful collection. 
It's just full of great textures and fabrics and this is just a few of the pieces on offer. So check the rest of it out HERE
I bet you'll be swooning over the whole of it just like i have for the past hour, staring at my laptop like a saddo, but ah wells, not like i have anything better to do at this time!

Iceburg A/W14

Sunday, 2 November 2014

When I have nothing better to do I have a gander on Pintrest, Seeing if I can find new ideas or collections i like!and a few weeks I stumbled across the metallic jumper in this collection and immediately pinned it to one my my boards, then continued to look at the most recent A/W Collection and I've fallen in love with almost every piece in the not to mention those metallic boots! 
Iceberg that doesn't just do sportswear but incorporates knit too, and well that's just two of my fave aspects of fashion right there! Everything is just spot on it has such a modern but classic feel all at the same time. The colour palette is perfecto for this time of year and the hints of yellow and orange just lift the whole thing I'm sure you'll agree.
So I'm deffo Keeping my eyes peeled for more from this designer!
Which piece is your favourite?!

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