Last week at Lola Loves

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Last week on Tuesday it was my final day of placement year! It has flown by, and these were the new styles that were going into Topshop towards the end of the week. With more sheer criss cross dresses and lace flares which the sample had been made the previous week and i had tried on in the studio,  they are a really nice fit and perfect for summer or a night out. 
There is also a Suedette top that I worked on with Debbie on my last day by tracing and altering the pattern. It was ready to go in a few days later! Running up to my last week we were looking at ideas for AW which would be going in around August and looking at collections, colours and fabric samples to get an idea of what will be popular. So it'll be nice to see what goes in later in the year when I go back to Uni. 
Can't believe that this year is all over!

New Arrivals

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Last week there was a photo shoot for new arrivals so Lately I've been making more of the Print two pieces. I made the first sample in the new fabric that is floral and orange and they look really nice in that print and have been selling really well, perfect for festival season or holidays.
They are still in Topshop Liverpool, whereas the brown floral print ones are just on the website. Other new arrivals include one in paisley and an off the shoulder dress.
I've also been working on the pattern for a black bodycon dress that will hopefully be out in a few weeks. it was really good to be more involved in that as I made the sample as well to see what needs to be changed and tweaked and next week I'll be helping grade the pattern for sizing. 
I'm also going to be carrying on with research for Autumn winter for what can begin to go onto Topshop  mid summer so its good to be looking ahead ad seeing what colours and fabrics are going to be used!

'The Plastic Age' Editorial Shoot

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A few weeks ago I got asked to make some garments for Grace Kenny Who has recently completed her degree in BA Fashion promotion with styling at Uclan. 
Her shoot for her final project was based on the 'Plastic Age' and how plastic is valuable for our future ans how much it is used.
So after looking at some of her inspo imagery and colour palettes i looked at fabrics that would suit and made up a skirt, bralette, dress and jacket (worn backwards in the shot)
Its really cool to work with stylists to see how the garments made will go together in the shoot, with the set and accessories. 
The photographer is also a Uclan student, Emma Louise Carney and the shots have come out really nice.
I really enjoyed helping out with this project as it was good to work with different fabrics and have a deadline to work to.
Check out Grace's other work on her online portfolio: Gracekennystyling and her instagram: @gracemkenny 

Past few weeks...

Monday, 8 June 2015

Its been nearly a month since I last posted about what I've been up to in Liverpool.
It's flown by been there for just over 5 weeks, so before I head there today I'm gonna update this just to remind myself as well!
Its been all about festival fashion and summer coords like these two in the lovely bright prints. The pink one is currently in Topshop Liverpool priced at £28 for the top and £23 for matching shorts.
I've mostly been making things to go into Topshop concessions such as the crochet tassel tops and other summer items.
Its a fast paced place to work there's always things to do. At the moment we're having a think about whats gonna be happening for Autumn Winter.... Already!
I always get asked to try things on to test fit and how they look, not always the greatest person being annoyingly small cant really get a decent idea of the right length when doing samples haha. 
For my next post i'll try get more photos of what i've been doing!

SS15 Lola Loves

Sunday, 10 May 2015

At my second week at Lola loves, on the Friday we had a photo shoot, we so the morning was manic getting everything ready for the shoot and garments prepared to go into Topshop Liverpool.
It's a lot more fast paced and there's loads to do which is really good because you're always busy, and getting told handy tips is really useful too. I get to input ideas too which is nice and i've had to try a few things on to check sizing and to see if Debbie thinks it will look right.
So these are some of the final edits from the shoot and they look really cool with the hippie vibe ready for the summer. 

First week at Lola Loves

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"Lola loves started out in 2007 selling ready to wear and bespoke garments from a small studio space in the city centre. It quickly gained a host of devotees from many of Liverpool's most stylish and fast became one of the most sought after brands in the city.
the ready to wear collections pose elegance with edge and have a certain style that compliments the female silhouette. Think semi sheer floor sweeping dresses, skater style dresses and structured collars, ruffles and frills, with attention to detail being paramount. Glamour with a little edge is the look, all with unique flair. Perfect for individuals who like to stand out from the crowd."

So this is my first proper week starting at Lola Loves in Liverpool and I've been really enjoying it, so its been a while since I've had chance to do a post as i haven't been doing much other than working in Abakhan until i found a new placement. I'm really looking forward to the next three months or so as I am in a really good place in myself at the moment and I can't wait to get back to learning new skills.

I went a couple of weeks back to meet Debbie and to work in the studio and i can tell i will learn alot,  She's really helpful and got so much knowledge, It's going to be really hands on which I love.

It's also great to be back on an industrial machine and not a domestic one that plays up, so it will be good practise for fourth year!

So in my first couple of days I've been sewing and finishing off garments that will either be sold in Topshop Liverpool or online.

Firstly I started off with these paisley gypsy tops that are so on trend for the boho 70's vibe this summer, so i was sewing the seams and then finishing off with the elastic and the cord bow, and they were posted on instagram - Lolalovesboutique

The other post is of a customer wearing the cattie tassel top that i have been working on by applique sequin flowers on. Then they just need the fringing to be attached, they are so nice and pretty much completely backless which is perfect for summer!

Mesh Coords now online (Fashion Prescription)

Friday, 6 March 2015

 Over the past couple of weeks i have been making samples of mesh co-ords for the brand Fashion Prescription.
They have now launched online as of Wednesday, Which is really exciting as they have a huge following of over 36k followers on instagram.
Its also really cool to see the pictures being posted all over their website and social media!
Something i have made is available to a huge market and I've already received orders.
The outfits are perfect for summer to just throw over a bikini or for a more out there festival look!
So I'll be busy making these to send off to the company. They've been really great to work with and really easy to keep in contact with about what they want, so I'd definitely advise anyone to contact them and see if they want anything making!

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