Bit of making and starting a new placement...

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

 Today I started my next placement, I was dead excited to start. This ones at a boutique in Chester called Lily Vintage.
Its got a really cool feel and set up, as its an old converted butchers.
Today i started with altering dresses to make them more appealing to the shoppers and also a trip to the fabric shop to get ideas of what fabric we want to use in making new things. Its dead exciting and another hands on placement which I'm really looking forward too. I'm the first intern they've had so its a chance to be really creative.
There is also a Puggle (mix of a pug and beagle) that runs round the office called Petal which makes me love it even more with how much i adore pugs of course!
The day before i did a bit of making... I finished my friends Co-ord that i made for her birthday prezzie and I'm really happy with the outcome and i hope she likes it!
I also did a mock up of a Winter shrug altered from an old wool blanket my Nan gave my mum, so think I'll be able to put it to more use like this!


  1. Congrats on that!! Looks awesome!

    Kaitlyn xo


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