Pretty Disturbia: Steam Punk Final edits

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A few weeks ago I did a post about behind the scenes of Pretty Disturbias Steam Punk Collection.
These are the final edits, which are credit to Chloe Morgan who's done an incredible job with them!
The collection features Pretty Disturbia Clothing and customised Accessories and garments by the interns like myself who work there!
For more images check out Pretty Disturbia Facebook
The collection is available on Our Asos page!

My week in photos:

Sunday, 27 July 2014

This week has been a goooood week!
Been really busy on placement, even though I was still melting in the studio it was a productive week, doing shoots, sample sale and sorting stock which in the boiling hot room was a workout in itself!
 But it was good to see that I can actually do something organised... I have the worst organisational skills everrrr 
After two days sorting though it all, it looked so tidy I was quite proud as silly as it sounds!
We also had a sample sale which we spent the Thursday getting ready for!

1 / After the sample sale some of my close friends met in Manchester for drinks, there was a really cool live act on in spinning fields... when we eventually found it!
2 /  Drinks on a nice summer eve (In my new Pretty Disturbia crop tee)
3 / Pretty cocktails and Thai food
4 / Little bike ride with Mum along the canal, then stopped for lunch
5 / Big Mac (dad) treating me well to new make up wahooo
6 / Mum wanted to know what a selfie was...
7 / Big Mac and Glynny when we went for drinks, looking fancy don't you think?
8 / Finally one of my course Friends visited  Chester and i surprised her with a birthday cake!

Test Shoot

Friday, 25 July 2014

 On Monday at PD HQ we had a test shoot to see how we could improve photography and styling.
This is a part I really love, putting outfits together I think its just because I love clothes in general!
This is a great way to see what goes and to get the best photos possible.
We had a model from the casting session that we had a few weeks back come in, so it was a fun hour or so!
I was doing my usual behind scenes antics taking a few pictures here and there.... Then obviously had to get one behind the lens infront of the lights, How professional!
My talents are wasted in design don't you think? How about next top model yeaaaaah?!

1st Time Hunt for Pretty Disturbia Street Style!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

 Back in my first week as an intern I was asked to do street styling! At first I was like yeah course I'd love to!
But then the thought of approaching complete strangers saying "Hello I love your style can I take your photo" seemed quite daunting!
With one of my lovely fellow interns Andrea at my side we went on a hunt to find all things alternative and ofcouse people with bags of style.
At first we got a few rejections, don't think it helped I couldn't get my words out at first... Then we thought what the hell we'll never see these people again! Who cares if they think we're a tad weird? 
And with that mindset we began to find alot of people who were up for it and for a quick chat about their own style!
I even got a man offering to be my boyfriend... I politely declined but if he really is the next big R&B artist like he said I've deffo missed out haven't I?!
I think Manchester's a great place to track down style, so many people are so confident in what they wear and I love it and bet you agree!
So it was a great way to gain confidence and appreciate people with great clothes!
Heres a few of my faves and you can check out a whole lot more street style on: manchesteralternativestreetstyle

Depop Hypeeee

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

As a poor student I'm selling my old clothes.... Probably only so I can buy new ones!
So take a look at my depop if you like, There could be something you fancy!
I'm going to put more on there when I have time, Pinky promise!!

My week in Photos

Friday, 18 July 2014

This is kinda what I've been up to this week...
My mum and dad went to Nice to visit my twin Brother who has a placement out there in a museum, how jammy i have to get the train to Manchester everyday and he's sunning it up in France "practising his language" yeah yeaaaaah! More like eating cake and lying on the beach I say!
1 / So as a treat they bought me some Armani perfume and I'm so glad i was running dangerously low!
2 / Just a summery vintage shirt I wore on my day off last week
3 / Had a leaving party for my friend Gen who's jetted off to Australia so I shared this piccy of when we were 16 and went as a joint fancy dress as Tom and Jerry, how embarrassing?!
4 / Sneaky shot from my week at placement, doing out Steam Punk photo shoot.
5/ Spent the day with my brothers girlfriend job hunting, eating pizza and getting piercings!
6 / Somehow I came home with this, wasn't my plan but on two for one piercings who would say no!?

Steam Punk, behind the scenes...

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

 Yesterday was the day of our "Steam Punk" collection shoot here at Pretty Disturbia!

It was so exciting to be part of this, I helped with the styling or the shoot which was fun and it was such lovely weather to do it outside in Castlefeilds Manchester. 
The collection was modelled by Daniella and Jen Mortan did an incredible job with the make up and I completely envy her make up collection... mine looks so pathetic next to that! It was a chance for us all to work as a team and was a really nice afternoon working with a lovely bunch of girls.
Steam punk fashion has no guidelines, but tends to mix modern styles with influences from the Victorian era. This may include gowns, corsets, petticoats, suits, top hats, large skirts and has a romantic feel.
    The collection features oversized collars, ruffle details and has shades of greys and 
           purples with accessories featuring clockwork and other Victorian items.

So here are a few cheeky behind the scenes shots, Hope you like them and check out the collection when its online!!

Jewellery featured in my Mini Collection...

Monday, 14 July 2014

 Previously I blogged about my mini collection, the jewellery used with my garments was made by one of my closest friends Anna Strain!
When she showed me her necklaces a few days before I did my shoot I had an idea to use them in it, as they would complement my theme really well. 
She's dead talented and studying 3D design at Loughbrough. 
Anna was looking into making more of these designs using other semi precious stones, Charity shop beads and real silver and I really hope she does!
After she showed a group of our friends we all agreed we'd buy them if she got into making them!
My faves are the stone pendants!
Hope you like them too!

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