Throwback to my day in London

Friday, 4 July 2014

A few weeks back my mum organised a trip to London for the day, we tend to do this every so often, didn't enjoy getting up at 7am but it was totally worth it! We went to the Jean Paul Gultier Exhibition in the Barbican, I'd heard off a few of the girls on my course that it was amazing and it really was! Completely recommend anyone who has even a slight interest in fashion to go! The sheer amount of collections on show is awesome we even had to have a lunch break and come back! 
The displays were so cool and it went from punk, to his famous corset style work and I loved all the outfits he's designed for celebrities, he's my new inspiration!
To finish off the afternoon we went round fabric shops and to Portobello Road for a bit of a shop. Then went for drinks and tea. Eventually hopped back on the train and definately had a cheeky nap on the way home...

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