My week in Photos

Friday, 18 July 2014

This is kinda what I've been up to this week...
My mum and dad went to Nice to visit my twin Brother who has a placement out there in a museum, how jammy i have to get the train to Manchester everyday and he's sunning it up in France "practising his language" yeah yeaaaaah! More like eating cake and lying on the beach I say!
1 / So as a treat they bought me some Armani perfume and I'm so glad i was running dangerously low!
2 / Just a summery vintage shirt I wore on my day off last week
3 / Had a leaving party for my friend Gen who's jetted off to Australia so I shared this piccy of when we were 16 and went as a joint fancy dress as Tom and Jerry, how embarrassing?!
4 / Sneaky shot from my week at placement, doing out Steam Punk photo shoot.
5/ Spent the day with my brothers girlfriend job hunting, eating pizza and getting piercings!
6 / Somehow I came home with this, wasn't my plan but on two for one piercings who would say no!?

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