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Saturday, 5 July 2014

In my first week at Pretty Disturbia I got up to all sorts! Started straight away with menswear... doing a menswear inspiration board, which is really cool as menswear is completely something I want to get the hang of more this year!
I was then customising men's T-shirts that could be sold on asos market place, and also making accessories. 
Thursday was hands on too I sorted out the clothes rails then made some fashion collages, while this was going on there was a model casting going in so everyone was dead busy. 
After lunch i got asked to do some design work ideas towards the "Steam Punk" collection which is a really cool mix of punk with a twist of the Victorian era so inspired by high collars, rich fabrics and imagery like clocks and florals! 
Finally before the day was done I was listing items on the brands asos market place store which was kinda confusing because I'm the worst with computers I even found this blog a bit tricky to start with but I'm getting the hang!

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