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Friday, 28 November 2014

okay so i have a bit of catching up to do with what ive been doing on placement! kinda cos i havent had a day off properly in like three weeks!
but at lily vintage we've been doing more reworked items, and its beed back on focus with silk shirts, not to mention i've still been making shawls, probably about 30 in the last three weeks! I dont think I want to look at wool blend fabric for a while after this winter! Although abakhan you have been handy for all the lovely fabrics we've been supplied with!
i also bought some pretty fabrics the other week with the hope of making something actually for myself!
So eventually i have, i made some time just to have a go at making something different that isnt made from wool! haha, so i had a go at making a velvet bralet! This is just a mock up its not fully finished, (still got pins in) so wouldn't be best to wear it right now! Hopefully i'll get a chance to finish it soo though!

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