Iceburg A/W14

Sunday, 2 November 2014

When I have nothing better to do I have a gander on Pintrest, Seeing if I can find new ideas or collections i like!and a few weeks I stumbled across the metallic jumper in this collection and immediately pinned it to one my my boards, then continued to look at the most recent A/W Collection and I've fallen in love with almost every piece in the not to mention those metallic boots! 
Iceberg that doesn't just do sportswear but incorporates knit too, and well that's just two of my fave aspects of fashion right there! Everything is just spot on it has such a modern but classic feel all at the same time. The colour palette is perfecto for this time of year and the hints of yellow and orange just lift the whole thing I'm sure you'll agree.
So I'm deffo Keeping my eyes peeled for more from this designer!
Which piece is your favourite?!

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