First Co-ord sold!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

As I've mentioned previously I'm making reworked vintage coords in my spare time, well I say spare time but it'll probably be a couple of hours a week as I only have one day off and even that's not safe anymore as I sometimes get roped in to work on a Friday!
Who would've thought a top napper like me would have no time to nap anymore?!
I find it crazy how different my schedule is now, but I do enjoy being busy really, it stops me from having time to worry and I'm a pro at worrying too!
But I'm not gonna tell fibs I am excited for next Friday when I can have a lie in!
But if you'd like one of these shirt two pieces don't hesitate to contact me or check my depop @ruthiemcc
I'd be more than happy to make them and I'm selling them for £20! Hopefully make a bit of dosh i can save for fourth year!
The first on made is going to one of my favourite girls Alice and I hope she likes it!
I've also been contacted by a vintage boutique who might want me to work with them as a seamstress... Exciting times!

Styling Boards

Friday, 29 August 2014

All that Glitters

PD: Vintage knitwear

Day to night look: Blurred Floral Bodycon Dress

Steal her style: 80's Blazer

Pretty Disturbia outfit of the day

Pretty Disturbia outfit of the day by pretty-disturbia featuring a black necklace

After One of the lovely interns Vanessa left pretty disturbia last week, she left our polyvore account in my hands!
So i've been creating PD styling boards and these are just a few!
From how to wear pretty disturbia outfits to stealing Nicoles style!
I really love doing styling during placement so this is an extra way of adding to it!
I've been posting the boards to our social network feeds too! 
I went a bit crazy on following other people on it, but it's deffo paid off as in the past week we've gone 300 followers! 
Result don't you think!
There's also links to all the items i've used if you want to get you hands on them!!

Another Street Style sesh for PD

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Well the girls definitely get the award for style when we went on the lookout round Manchester on a fine sunny day not so long ago! Don't know where all the stylish men were hiding but we couldn't find any!
So the gals have done us proud once again and in a way its sad looking at these photos we took because it was so nice and sunny and now.... well standard British weather is back. And street style is not so fun in the rain. 
So head over to manchesteralternativestreetstyle to find more fab fashion from Pretty disturbia and maybe a few more stylish men than we found!

Reworked shirts!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

After reworking a vintage shirt for PD's Hawaiian collection I had an idea of what I could do to work on my sewing skills and maybe get a little bit of extra cash. Combine this with hunting round vintage and charity shops and this is the result I came up with! 
You already know my love of coords so I've decided to rework vintage shirts into them and hopefully get some money for each one!
The black and white print one is already reserved sorry!
So get in contact if you'd like on I'm going to source more pretty shirts soon!
Which prints do you like the best?!

My week in photos

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

   This week has been manic!
It was one of my closest friends birthdays not long ago so we went out so a fair few drinks to say the least!
Derbs had a fab time... and the picture of the pug pretty much sums up how I felt waking up the day after! Deffo not 100%.
And... I FINALLY got a job! At probably one of the most perfect places for a fashion student, Abakhan so my mum got me these flowers to say well done Ruthie!
I get discount too and I've been spotting all types of fabrics I want to make things with eeek!
I made a trip back up to Preston to hand my mini collection in and it's kind of like a weight off my shoulders, so this is just an image from the shoot and my flats to go with it.
Then it was time to shoot the hawaiian collection, it's great to see things you've made and styled being modelled and photographed! Can't wait to see the final edits!
Lastly a good end to my week was that I won a competition for the first time in my life, thanks to Jucey clothing who I featured in my blog a few weeks back. 
They're currently making a co-ord in my chosen fabric, can't wait to get hold of it!!

Issuu Publications

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I was contacted by Issuu, one of the worlds fastest growing online publication forums to see if i wanted to connect through my blog.
I thought I'd check it out and it's like every fashion girls dream theres so many online mags to read!
So i'm sharing with you the one I came across about Jean Paul Gaultier, as you probably know I went a While back and its coming to a close. If you didn'd get a chance to see it at the Barbican in London this can give you a slight feel for what was on offer at the exhibition! 

Hawaiian Collection Shoot Day

Monday, 18 August 2014

After showing you a preview of a vintage piece I altered for our Hawaiian inspired the collection 
this is just a selection of the other outfits on offer that were modelled by our model Lara.
It was such a fun afternoon Zoe and I helped with the styling of the shoot after Leesa had given us ideas of what to put together then, Chloe did a fab job as per shooting it!
Can't wait to see the final images, they should be up on asos soon!

Hawaiian Feeling!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Tomorrow is the day of our Hawaiian inspired collection photo shoot which I'm dead excited for!
I feel I've had more input into the collection as I've nearly been ad PD for 7 weeks now, CRAZY.
I've been super busy over the past week sorting bits and bobs out and printing boards and feel like I've missed keeping track of what I've done, So here's just a hint of whats in store for tomorrows shoot. 
It's a vintage Hawaiian shirt that I reworked in the studio today and it turned out pretty cool, hope you agree?!
Might have to raid the charity shops for some old shirts and make a few!
The collections a mix of Pretty disturbia hand made, customised and vintage pieces, and obviously I'm going to take so pictures as the shoots going on. As it's one of my fave parts of working here. Finally seeing what you've made being shot and modelled!

Depop Pretty Disturbia Bargains

Sunday, 3 August 2014

I've been asked to be in charge of depop sales at Pretty Disturbia!
 During the day on Tuesday I spent my time photographing our PD discounted items that are to be sold on depop and uploading them!
Basically all the items are £3 so have a peek to see what we have on offer, everyone loves a bargain don't they?!
So you could find a right gem on there for sooooo cheap its deffo worth checking out.
So search for @prettydisturbia on depop now!
Also follow for more items that are to be uploaded, as we've only just started on depop so there's only a few at the mo!
I've managed to get it from 20 to 72 in a day so need to keep on raking in the trusty followers!!

My week in Photos:

Saturday, 2 August 2014

 Saturday was when my mum showed me a whole load of old photos and I think I look particularly glam in this one so thought I'd share it with the world!
This week I was reunited with My twin Neil so picked him up from the Airport where Mum and I were completely useless at getting there at 11pm!
As you can see I was annoying him from the word go! Standard. I mean Gawwwd I was only trying to get a selfie with him while he struggled to get his case in the car... he wasn't having any of it!
Mum got me some mini business cards how pro am I?!
Finally I finally got my hair dyed this week, a tad blonder wahooo so thats me looking all fancy with my foils!
Only a short one this week seems I didnt do much with life besides placement!

New look For Pretty Disturbia

Friday, 1 August 2014

 After I Showed you about our test shoot we had for asos last week this is the result of the real shoot!
By including our PD dolly ideas to keep it simple and some nifty styling tricks Leesa has given the brands asos market place shop a fresh feel!
So get onto Asos to find some PD and Vintage gems!
I've definately got my eyes on a few things that we've just got in stock and they should be online soon for you to get your mits on, so keep checking the asos marketplace

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