First Co-ord sold!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

As I've mentioned previously I'm making reworked vintage coords in my spare time, well I say spare time but it'll probably be a couple of hours a week as I only have one day off and even that's not safe anymore as I sometimes get roped in to work on a Friday!
Who would've thought a top napper like me would have no time to nap anymore?!
I find it crazy how different my schedule is now, but I do enjoy being busy really, it stops me from having time to worry and I'm a pro at worrying too!
But I'm not gonna tell fibs I am excited for next Friday when I can have a lie in!
But if you'd like one of these shirt two pieces don't hesitate to contact me or check my depop @ruthiemcc
I'd be more than happy to make them and I'm selling them for £20! Hopefully make a bit of dosh i can save for fourth year!
The first on made is going to one of my favourite girls Alice and I hope she likes it!
I've also been contacted by a vintage boutique who might want me to work with them as a seamstress... Exciting times!

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