My week in Photos:

Saturday, 2 August 2014

 Saturday was when my mum showed me a whole load of old photos and I think I look particularly glam in this one so thought I'd share it with the world!
This week I was reunited with My twin Neil so picked him up from the Airport where Mum and I were completely useless at getting there at 11pm!
As you can see I was annoying him from the word go! Standard. I mean Gawwwd I was only trying to get a selfie with him while he struggled to get his case in the car... he wasn't having any of it!
Mum got me some mini business cards how pro am I?!
Finally I finally got my hair dyed this week, a tad blonder wahooo so thats me looking all fancy with my foils!
Only a short one this week seems I didnt do much with life besides placement!

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