Bit of making and starting a new placement...

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

 Today I started my next placement, I was dead excited to start. This ones at a boutique in Chester called Lily Vintage.
Its got a really cool feel and set up, as its an old converted butchers.
Today i started with altering dresses to make them more appealing to the shoppers and also a trip to the fabric shop to get ideas of what fabric we want to use in making new things. Its dead exciting and another hands on placement which I'm really looking forward too. I'm the first intern they've had so its a chance to be really creative.
There is also a Puggle (mix of a pug and beagle) that runs round the office called Petal which makes me love it even more with how much i adore pugs of course!
The day before i did a bit of making... I finished my friends Co-ord that i made for her birthday prezzie and I'm really happy with the outcome and i hope she likes it!
I also did a mock up of a Winter shrug altered from an old wool blanket my Nan gave my mum, so think I'll be able to put it to more use like this!

My week in photos

Friday, 26 September 2014

After finishing my placement at Pretty Disturbia I had a week off. So i headed back to Uni to join in some fresher antics and to catch up with some of my uni friends (and a tortoise)
so this is pretty much pictures from over the last week which has been fab!
I also got my hair done so I'm officially proper blonde! 
I may be 21 in less than two weeks but when it comes to things like the zoo I'm an absolute child so i went and got my face painted of course and kind of forgot i had it done so we got quite a few strange looks on the way home!
Finally i was reunited with my netball girls so although the last two pictures aren't the most flattering they are deffo the best bunch of girls to go out with!
As of next Tuesday i will go back to being a busy bee so it was fun while it lasted!

Last day as a full time PD intern!

Monday, 22 September 2014

On Thursday sadly it was my last day as a full time Pretty Disturbia intern. 
Thursdays are probably the day I enjoy most, with the photo shoot going on its always a busy day. 
But this week we had a leaving lunch for myself and another intern Vanessa that left not long ago, with CHEESEBURGER TOASTIES, omg could be one of the best food inventions.... like Everrrr!
It was a fairly sad day as I wont be spending so much time with all the girls anymore!
But they can't get rid of me that easily as I'm gonna stay on one day a week for as long as I can!
I've had the best summer at PD, not being a lazy bum and learning loads of new things and how running a business actually works and that a lot goes into it!

Won a Jucey clothing coord!!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

OMG I won something for once!!!! 
A couple of months back I blogged about my love of coords, then the lovely Jucey clothing were running a competition on Instagram... That I won!! 
Bare in mind I haven't won a thing unless you count a kite in a raffle in my year three disco, or the school fair tombola where you win the most useless things...
I was working on the Friday when I got the notification that I'd won and was super excited!
I got to chose the fabric first I was gonna go with florals but then saw this African print fabric and I'm soooo glad I went with it, I think she shorts are my fave, I mean just look at that heart print!
So I'd definitely advise any girl to have a gander at the other coords Jucey has! Not only are they fab, she's so lovely!! 
Just look at the sweet Instagram post she did! 

PD clothes swap

Friday, 19 September 2014

On the September the fourth we had round 5 of the clothes swap, this is a successful event where you bring clothes and get clothes back... FOR FREE can I just add.
You bring as many items as you want from dresses, tops, shoes and accessories and for how many items you bring your allowed to take home with you! I got some right gems that I'll have to show you!
It was a really chilled girlie evening with snacks and drinks.
After we wet for a few drinks round northern quarter and literally ran for the train!!

Aniarts Jewellery

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


As you might be aware I posted about Anna's jewellery a couple of months ago when she featured it in my mini collection.
But how pretty is every one of these hand made pieces?!
Made from silver wire they are really individual pieces using beads and semi precious stones. How cute is the turtle!!?
Here's her link on pinterest so you can check out other ones she has been making!
 She also has a Etsy store that id going to be added too asap!
So Have a look, which is your favourite?!

Street style, lovely people with lovely clothes!

Monday, 15 September 2014

This street styling sesh was probably one me favourites, a) it was a nice day and  b) we met some of the nicest people out and about. Oh and of course stylish!
I think I'm jealous of all the girls style here and if you're a girl you'll probs agree don't they look fab?!
Also just a little shout out to Dan in the first picture who we stopped on his way to work.
He does a really cool fashion blog too, that you should check out! He also took down my blog and took the time to check it out and follow me so I'm ovo gonna repay the favour.
 After he tweeted me that day he wants to do something bloggerish together and collaborate somehow so that'd be cool! is the link!

Fashion, depression awareness and being super busy!! (abnornal fashion blog post btw)

Friday, 12 September 2014

Okay, so I've never broke a bone, fractured anything or even sprained my ankle. 
But about a year ago I think I injured a part something just as important as 
any other body part, my mind. 
I think this should be treated just the same as any other injury I've previously
 mentioned. Around a year ago I started to make myself sick, probably once a 
week after I'd been out for a big meal or something, the thought of being 'fat'
 terrified me, and as I'd put on weight over first year of Uni having the best
time ever may i just add! 
 when summer came I knew I wanted to do something. 
Don't get me wrong I've been playing netball
 for over ten years but depression was making me not want to do the things i 
loved i didn't want to leave my house to go to training even though
i love my netball girls millions! 
and I'm active I went for runs with my older brother
 and did fitness sessions, but I'd look at other people and think why can't I 
look like that, why does no one want to take me on a date!?
Over time I started to be sick maybe two times a week, and with the pressures of
 Uni, and fashion. Don't get me wrong I love love love doing fashion but I remember
 doing my summer project last summer doing research on catwalk collections thinking 
why can't I have legs like that!?
I thought it was a phase, a way of coping with stress. But it spiralled 
into me being sick 3-5 times a day. And after visiting London with my 
course friends I began to realise this wasn't healthy it wasn't 'just a way to cope' 
as when I was surrounded by my friends in the hotel room I was desperate to be 
sick after going to Hard Rock Cafe but I couldn't, they would hear me, what would
they think!?
That's part of the problem I worry what people think too much, friends, family, boys,
 even randomers.
So back in march i was incredibly low there were times I didn't want to get out of
 bed I cried and kept myself in my room. I didn't want anyone to find out. But
then I couldn't cope I had to tell someone before it got out of hand even more. 
I mean I was planning on starting placement in a few months what if I was to move
 a away and get worse.
I was worried if I told people they'd think I'd been stupid, and to feel like that
is awful. The cycle of eating then feeling guilty, then being sick then feeling 
guilty for being sick isn't a good mentality. so from this I've learnt its alright
i will be okay and those feelings would pass, 
Because  after telling two of my closest friends 
I felt so much better they helped me to face my fears and go to the doctors 
they told me i wasn't crazy for
 the way i had been. And I was prescribed antidepressants. 
At first I shit myself I was like whaaaaaat?! Does this mean I'm
 crazy as I had never known anyone to be on them. That weekend i reluctantly told
 my parents and brothers and its the best thing i ever did for myself.
Because people DO care. When you tell them something like this they don't think you're
from the loony bin. Well i know i already am but people understand and the more
people i told the better i felt. i didn't have this horrible secret anymore that made 
me so upset.
Don't get me wrong it hasn't all been great since i told my family, i was being 
passed around to councillors and medical specialists and i felt lost once again, i 
know its about helping your self but i did need help off someone who knows a thing
or two about depression, self harm and bulimia. As bulimia led me on to self harm 
as i tried to get out of this habit of being sick 3/4/5 times a day to holding back.
Self harm became a way to cope that's what helps with depression finding things to help 
you cope but healthy things and self harm wasn't the answer. i felt back at square one
with only  my CBT therapist knowing what i was doing, she then advised me to tell my
parents as i was slipping into another new low. I was scared again but telling people
helped immensely and that's the fact i want to stress people should know they're 
not alone and three weeks ago i told my famalam!! 
(My therapist tells me I'm cool for having a shrink haha)
But one way Ive found to cope is to be busy
not sitting around gives me less time to think bad thoughts. 
So placement at pretty disturbia is probably the best thing I've done in 
the last year, I've met some of the loveliest most funny people
and learnt so much so I'll be sad to leave in a week! 
Everyone sees people for there outside, they can look perfectly happy, bubbly and
love to laugh, and that was my shield. I thought being skinny would make me happy 
but it didn't talking and knowing people care makes me happy.
I know I'm not 100% better yet but I'm getting there and i just want to make people
realise its fine to have not broken a body part but to feel like you've broken a part 
of your mind. As it WILL get better.
I also owe alot to my friends family and uni tutors as they have all been so 
So i just want to say Uni is the best time of your life but just because you move 
away you aren't alone after sharing my issues 
I've found mental health to be way more common than i thought.
So some people may think i should be embarrassed for writing this post
but if knowing its fairly normal has helped me i want it to help others as people
 go through it silently for years and this is not okay!!
I hope you don't think I'm crazy for writing this!
"Depression just is, like the weather. It's real, you can't change it by wishing it
 away, if its dark and rainy it really is dark and rainy and you can't 
alter it, it might be dark and rainy for 2 weeks in a row. BUT it will 
be sunny one day. It isn't under your control when the sun comes out, 
but come out it will. One day. In the same way you accept the 
weather this is how you have to accept feelings some days. Tomorrow could
 be crap and rainy or beautiful and sunny, just gotta make the most of 
the sunshine." Stephen Fry

Hawaiian Shoot Edits

Monday, 8 September 2014


These are the final edits to our Hawaiian collection, these pictures feature the garments I've customised, made and reworked for the collection.
From the jumpers, hair pieces, reworked shirt and skirt. It's full of colour and florals and is more of a brighter look for PD.
It was a fun day getting ready for the shoot with the other interns and model Lara, me and Zoe did the styling for the shoot while Chloe was the photographer as per!
The collection will be up this coming week hopefully on our asos marketplace shop!
 So this is quite a short post really but hopefully the pictures do more of the talking than I have!

My week in photos

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Had a fun week this week!
Well apart from the ALS ice bucket challenge I didn't really enjoy freezing water being poured all over me,
but i did find my retro choker off of one of my best friends Beth that she sent me when we were about 7 so I've been wearing it ever since.
Next up is Uncle Al who came to harass me in work and bought one blue button, that he's now given me as a present haha, he wondered if I gave all the customers my top notch service but I said I saved the abuse just for him!
After My LFW post Danielle Romeril favourited my tweet! Sounds sad but I was a tad excited, her works so cool!
The coord I've made is for an amazing singer I went to school with Lucy Norbury who contacted me as she wanted one for gigs and videos. She just messaged me saying she loves it and wants another, she's also going to wear it to a photo shoot so i cant wait to get the pictures!
On my lunch break in Manchester I got these vintage trousers for £15 pounds and with a little reworking here's the result and i love them even more.
Girls date! I met my friend Fin for food and shopping, she said I hope I don't use this photo but oh wells its the only one I have so hope you likey!
Finally this week its was one of my netball girls Chloe's 21st so we went out in Liverpool and had such a good night so this is just a throwback to netball tour! 

LFW Approaching

Monday, 1 September 2014
As anyone interested in fashion will probably know London Fashion Week is fast approaching!
I've been looking though loads of designers on the LFW website over the past couple of weeks to get a heads up as to what shows and catwalks I want to keep a look out for and sadly stream on my laptop!
I really love this collection by Danielle Romerelle who explores the most amazing fabric combinations and surface decoration to create her womenswear label. This is really inspiring as I really want to look into using more interesting fabrics in my own designs and just generally improve!
So I'll deffo keep a look out for her during  LFW.
Apologies in advance if i have a few too many posts about designers and collections I'm swooning over, but well... it is a fashion blog after all!

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