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Sunday, 7 September 2014


Had a fun week this week!
Well apart from the ALS ice bucket challenge I didn't really enjoy freezing water being poured all over me,
but i did find my retro choker off of one of my best friends Beth that she sent me when we were about 7 so I've been wearing it ever since.
Next up is Uncle Al who came to harass me in work and bought one blue button, that he's now given me as a present haha, he wondered if I gave all the customers my top notch service but I said I saved the abuse just for him!
After My LFW post Danielle Romeril favourited my tweet! Sounds sad but I was a tad excited, her works so cool!
The coord I've made is for an amazing singer I went to school with Lucy Norbury who contacted me as she wanted one for gigs and videos. She just messaged me saying she loves it and wants another, she's also going to wear it to a photo shoot so i cant wait to get the pictures!
On my lunch break in Manchester I got these vintage trousers for £15 pounds and with a little reworking here's the result and i love them even more.
Girls date! I met my friend Fin for food and shopping, she said I hope I don't use this photo but oh wells its the only one I have so hope you likey!
Finally this week its was one of my netball girls Chloe's 21st so we went out in Liverpool and had such a good night so this is just a throwback to netball tour! 

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