Won a Jucey clothing coord!!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

OMG I won something for once!!!! 
A couple of months back I blogged about my love of coords, then the lovely Jucey clothing were running a competition on Instagram... That I won!! 
Bare in mind I haven't won a thing unless you count a kite in a raffle in my year three disco, or the school fair tombola where you win the most useless things...
I was working on the Friday when I got the notification that I'd won and was super excited!
I got to chose the fabric first I was gonna go with florals but then saw this African print fabric and I'm soooo glad I went with it, I think she shorts are my fave, I mean just look at that heart print!
So I'd definitely advise any girl to have a gander at the other coords Jucey has! Not only are they fab, she's so lovely!! 
Just look at the sweet Instagram post she did! 

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