My week in photos

Friday, 26 September 2014

After finishing my placement at Pretty Disturbia I had a week off. So i headed back to Uni to join in some fresher antics and to catch up with some of my uni friends (and a tortoise)
so this is pretty much pictures from over the last week which has been fab!
I also got my hair done so I'm officially proper blonde! 
I may be 21 in less than two weeks but when it comes to things like the zoo I'm an absolute child so i went and got my face painted of course and kind of forgot i had it done so we got quite a few strange looks on the way home!
Finally i was reunited with my netball girls so although the last two pictures aren't the most flattering they are deffo the best bunch of girls to go out with!
As of next Tuesday i will go back to being a busy bee so it was fun while it lasted!

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