Last day as a full time PD intern!

Monday, 22 September 2014

On Thursday sadly it was my last day as a full time Pretty Disturbia intern. 
Thursdays are probably the day I enjoy most, with the photo shoot going on its always a busy day. 
But this week we had a leaving lunch for myself and another intern Vanessa that left not long ago, with CHEESEBURGER TOASTIES, omg could be one of the best food inventions.... like Everrrr!
It was a fairly sad day as I wont be spending so much time with all the girls anymore!
But they can't get rid of me that easily as I'm gonna stay on one day a week for as long as I can!
I've had the best summer at PD, not being a lazy bum and learning loads of new things and how running a business actually works and that a lot goes into it!

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