1st Time Hunt for Pretty Disturbia Street Style!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

 Back in my first week as an intern I was asked to do street styling! At first I was like yeah course I'd love to!
But then the thought of approaching complete strangers saying "Hello I love your style can I take your photo" seemed quite daunting!
With one of my lovely fellow interns Andrea at my side we went on a hunt to find all things alternative and ofcouse people with bags of style.
At first we got a few rejections, don't think it helped I couldn't get my words out at first... Then we thought what the hell we'll never see these people again! Who cares if they think we're a tad weird? 
And with that mindset we began to find alot of people who were up for it and for a quick chat about their own style!
I even got a man offering to be my boyfriend... I politely declined but if he really is the next big R&B artist like he said I've deffo missed out haven't I?!
I think Manchester's a great place to track down style, so many people are so confident in what they wear and I love it and bet you agree!
So it was a great way to gain confidence and appreciate people with great clothes!
Heres a few of my faves and you can check out a whole lot more street style on: manchesteralternativestreetstyle

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