Silk Shirts

Thursday, 2 October 2014

When I had my trial for Lily vintage I cropped a fair few shirts, and my boss told me that they sold really well.
So as well as shortening dresses i was cropping more shirts, she rang me up during the afternoon to tell me one that I had just done had already sold! They have so many nice ones in stock and I really liked one of them so she gave it to me as a prezzie!!
To a few of the collars I was adding studs she'd had for ages but hadn't used. 
I definitely find cropping shirts way less time consuming as the vintage dresses have masses of fabric to hem! Although silk can be a pain to sew, but I'm enjoying practising working with different fabrics aw with it being vintage garments are made in all sorts. 
I'm gonna look in the shop to see how the items I've worked on are displayed!

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