Lily Vintage is beginning its own collection

Friday, 17 October 2014

 During my second week at Lily vintage i was continuing to rework some of their vintage garments, and the cropped shirts have been selling really well, There's one in the shop window which was really cool to see. As people are liking things that I'm spending my time changing!
It was also the start to a new idea at the boutique, Having their own range!
My boss has wanted to start a Vintage inspired range for ages and with my help it is now beginning to happen! As she has so many ideas as well but just needed someone who could sew... Me I guess!
So I'm enjoying being able to have a say in it and working on my pattern cutting. We started with winter capes, And this one was in the shop window, so my Mum is probably more happy about it than I am haha telling me to take photos of absolutely everyyyything! And its already sold!
But I'm going to be making more as we want them in a range of colours so I've edited the pattern pieces and we're starting to get exactly what we want from the design!
I've been really lucky again to work in a place where everyone is proper lovely, so i'm staying there for a while so can't wait to see how it goes!

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