Outfit of the week: Monochrome

Monday, 20 October 2014

Yes on it with another one of these posts! Mainly because Everyone loves a bit of monochrome right now, so this had to be the outfit I had to show you.
Missguided are spot on as per so that's where my crop top and shorts are from and they have loads of great 
black and white styles to choose from which obviously I could cram my wardrobe with!
I was going to add some pics of my fave ones but this post is kind of rushed before work and as I don't have a mac I can do a nifty screenshot so I apologise but I'll post my favourites sooooon!
And this H&M over sized blazer was FREE. Yep it was, from the Pretty Disturbia clothes swap, and as much as everyone loves monochrome more people love a freebie! So I'd advise anyone to organise a clothes swap even if its just with friends!

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