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Monday, 8 June 2015

Its been nearly a month since I last posted about what I've been up to in Liverpool.
It's flown by been there for just over 5 weeks, so before I head there today I'm gonna update this just to remind myself as well!
Its been all about festival fashion and summer coords like these two in the lovely bright prints. The pink one is currently in Topshop Liverpool priced at £28 for the top and £23 for matching shorts.
I've mostly been making things to go into Topshop concessions such as the crochet tassel tops and other summer items.
Its a fast paced place to work there's always things to do. At the moment we're having a think about whats gonna be happening for Autumn Winter.... Already!
I always get asked to try things on to test fit and how they look, not always the greatest person being annoyingly small cant really get a decent idea of the right length when doing samples haha. 
For my next post i'll try get more photos of what i've been doing!

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